fifty-two projects | project fifteen

this is project fifteen of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects, click here.

project fifteen | set up an art gallery in your apartment/house. seek out original art and buy it. there is original art available at whatever price you can afford. put the art all over the house. 

alterations | if anything - i need to buy less art. i'm mostly posting pictures of the art directly, not the art in my apartment because i think you will enjoy it better that way.

i thought it was the perfect time to post this project because we got some new art for christmas and had to spend a whole evening taking everything down and re-hanging it to make it all fit. there's still one piece sitting on the floor. i know i should put it away but that is a little bit painful for me. i would make a terrible art collector because art collectors can never hang/show all of their pieces.

miss carefree # 3 by bonnie lewis. i saw this piece when i worked at the robert langen gallery at wilfrid laurier university. later, when i moved to victoria, i came across it again online and couldn't stop thinking about it so i had it shipped out to here. 

khroma by annabelle marquis. this is the one i most recently purchased. i can't possibly explain how happy it makes me. no matter where i put it, or what light it's in - it just looks fabulous!!

untitled by mila czemerys. i snagged this baby for a sweet deal at a uvic silent auction visual arts night. 

this is the stripes piece i painted over three months when i lived in waterloo. i found it to be a very calming process. the frame is warped however so at some point i'll either have to throw it out or get it restretched over a new wood frame

this is another one i painted in waterloo. it's simple and it doesn't mean much to me but i like how it looks very modern and therefore makes the room decor around it look modern.

spring distilled by robert reynolds - this is the distillery district painting that j's mom gave us for christmas. it was so thoughtful because we got married in the distillery district last spring!

my portrait by podi lawrence. this is an artist i knew from working at various galleries in kw. she had me sit for her while doing a portraiture class. i look so sad don't i? 
a limited edition serigraph print by ted harrison. it was so very hard to choose a print from the eighty available. i still have my eye on ducks.

this is a little piece of art that my older brother made. my mom sent it to me this christmas and i'm so in love with it.


  1. Very nice pieces .. Your place must look great with them hanging! I have some paintings that are awaiting being hung too. .. You've inspired me to get on that!

    Loulou Downtown

  2. they are all lovely, i like how you have loads of different styles, you don't just like one type of paintings.

  3. I love this! I learned so much about your art that I've seen so much! My favourites are Michael's (it's amazing), and of course khroma.


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