pregnancy 0.8

over the past few days my husband and i have been moving apartments (right across the street!). which means that for two days i have been working really hard holding doors open and directing people as to where to put things down. it was tough work!

jokes aside, i actually felt pretty guilty. watching people move is actually quite painful when you convince yourself that they are wishing you would/could help. even last night when jon and i went back to the old apartment to clean - i swept and mopped all the floors and then said "i gotta get out of here!" the chemicals in the cleaning materials were just too strong. with my superhuman pregnancy nose coupled with concern for the baby, i really felt i had to stop. and so again, i felt guilty.

and the funniest thing is that even after basically doing nothing yesterday morning when the move was complete, i was totally exhausted! i laid down on the bed and promptly fell into a two hour nap (and of course i woke up still tired, and also went to bed early).

i used to be go go go and always doing twenty things at one time. but despite feeling guilty about this (i'm not doing anything! how can i lack so much energy?), i've decided not to anymore. people use the cliche line "you are working hard, you're growing a human!" and i've finally decided to accept that as truth. this little sniff has to be the one responsible.

p.s. i finally got to see the baby move for the first time this week. jon got to see him and feel him too which is kind of a big deal because i've been able to feel him kick for awhile now. whether it's my extra weight, or anterior placenta who knows, (28 weeks is pretty far along to only be seeing him kick now) but i'm glad it finally happened. even if it does kind hurt.


  1. I hope the move went well, my love. you aren't lazy. milk it right now.... because you will be getting milked soon enough. (will you be getting milked?)

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on your soon-to-be addition to the family! I had no idea. :)


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