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and cliche though it may be - i am not ashamed! like some of the nesting dolls below, i have been blessed with a blank canvas (new condo). this means that we have placed our big furniture pieces such as the bed, dressers and couch but there is still an additional room full of boxes (soon to be the sniff's nursery). my goals are as follows:

step one:
each day, my plan is to open a few boxes and find a home for everything in the box. i will do this consistently until there is nothing left in the room. i think this is going to be quite painful actually. it's so easy to look inside a box and think "i have no room for these things" or "i have no idea where this should go" or most often "i really want to throw this junk out but my nostalgic pack rat husband may actually divorce me if i do." so i must avoid the temptation to skip to a new box and end up with a room full of half opened cartons as we did with our last apartment.

step two:
i want to declutter. i need to declutter. i wrote that twice because the terms want and need don't really capture how i am feeling about clutter at the moment. it's like i have this physical urge to purge (sometimes that's literal and i really do feel like throwing up - but that's more pregnancy related i suspect). i guess the best way to describe it is this: i have no idea what kind of chaos having a baby will bring into my life. and i feel like the only way to handle it is to make sure that everything else around me is neat and tidy and organized - even if the baby is not.
if this means chucking or donating, that's fine. i don't think i get as attached to things as jon does.

step three:
i will organize and find storage solutions. i don't want to give up any of my crafts, i don't want jon to have to squelch his (somewhat questionable)) hobbies (knives?? really?), and i don't want the sniff to be toyless. toyless equals joyless - for all of us! but i do need to have things hidden. i've already begun the process by buying a number of pretty little black and white ikea boxes for the living room - seen here and here. this step is going to take some serious creativity, cleverness and lots of containers!

hey, i'm just starting spring cleaning early!

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