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i was reading a post on maiedae blog about her bad day. i had a similar weekend. through this pregnancy i've cried less times than the fingers on my right hand*. but on friday, i cried five times! mostly all regarding the same issue, but then it got to the point where i was feeling so fragile that basically anything could make me cry! (i.e. i forgot not to put jon's new shirt in the drier. guess what happened when he pointed out to me that it had shrunk? yep, waterfalls from my eyeballs).

the downsides to that day culminated yesterday. we had some difficult meetings...but then on top of that i had to have a root canal, and jon's car got backed into (while we were in it! pressing on the horn!). needless to say, i was pretty tired and am crossing my fingers that everything will resolve itself.

someone spoke to me yesterday about the power of positive thinking. i don't know that i've exactly been "thinking positive" lately. but i have been trying to accept certain situations and/or find a solution. for example, i woke up the other night and i just felt so sick. usually when this happens i totally freak out and worry that i might have to throw up, which makes me stress out even more...which makes me feel sicker! but i told myself "do not worry about this. you are fine, just a bit nauseous. if you do have to throw up, no big deal! you are tired though, so go back to sleep." and it kind of worked.

and yesterday at the root canal appointment, i found myself starting to get anxious about everything. did i just swallow some of that numbing agent? have i been on my back too long? is the baby losing blood or oxygen? have they done too many xrays? am i super dizzy? but since it was such a long appointment i had to talk myself back to sanity. "do not worry about this. everything is fine and you know that so worrying won't do any good. just relax." and again, it worked. it was fine.

it will all be fine.

* not to imply i have a different amount of fingers on my other hand...

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