pregnancy 0.6

this post is about pregnancy symptoms. or at least, they could be pregnancy symptoms. they could also just be things that i always experience. it's really hard fort me to tell. i never like to read into these things to be honest. sometimes i have a runny nose, or itchy eyes or a sore throat. but i never jump to conclusions and assume it's because i have a cold/allergies/strep.

some symptoms are bigger and totally suck like the nausea and vomiting. but others are smaller and not that big a deal. but i can see why pregnancy gets such a rep - because it's all the things all at once. here are mine...maybe:

stuffy nose
yup, it's never quite clear. the other day jon said to me "you know, there is really nothing better then a completely clear nose don't you think?" i told him i was glad to see such joy in his eyes but that lately, i had trouble remembering what that felt like.

tingly extremities
it doesn't take very long when laying down for my fingers, my hand and sometimes my whole arm to go numb. and even when i'm sitting on the couch with my legs up, suddenly i'll notice my heel is completely without feeling (without any pressure on it which is weird). this baby must be stealing my blood!

leg cramps
this one definitely happens most when laying in bed on my side. it's like a tightness and it reminds me of when i was younger and i could actually feel my legs growing (if only this pregnancy was making me taller!!). i do find stretching the foot back and forth, or switching sides is an easy fix.

tummy pain
i don't mean anything serious. but i'm definitely at a point where leaning has become something to think about. i.e. leaning for the television remote, leaning to pull the car door closed or bending down to unzip my boots. all of these movements make me very aware that there is something inside me. and even if it only hurts a little to lean over in my head i'm screaming "gaaah i'm squishing the baby!!"

acid reflux
i haven't had this too bad but let's just say i've definitely tasted lunch right before dinner. the tricky part is that i'm trying to get as much iron as i can from food and a flintstones vitamin that i take at night. which means no tums after dinner because science says calcium and iron cancel each other out. boo science!

trouble breathing
i sigh a lot...and i always have. it's usually because i feel a bit nauseous (pre and post baby), or i'm just a little anxious or blue. but regardless, it always makes me feel better. and as the little schmoolet/sniff* grows bigger and gives everything else less room, i find big long gulps of air still feel refreshing.

superhuman nose
i could totally do without this! as i've explained to people, the things i smell don't make me feel sick perse....i just don't want to smell them! and unfortunately these days i can smell everything and anything. when did humans start wearing so much perfume?? (or stop showering??). i'm always saying to jon "blech! do you smell that?" and he without fail always says "nope."

*when we didn't know the sex we were calling it a schmoolet (i am schmoo, therefore the mini one is a schmoolet). but that term does have a certain feminine vibe so when it's born it and it's gender becomes more obvious to us (lol), it will be a mini snoof (that's jon's nickname). and what is a mini snoof? why a sniff of course!

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy, it is a very challenging time for your body but obviously totally worth it. My little boy is just about 6 mths so I know. :)
    P.S. that numbing of your arm could be carpal tunnel syndrome, I had it. Total nightmare and sadly nothing to be done for it. However there are still certain heartburn/ acid reflux medicines available to you, you should chance asking your doc. Best of luck. :)


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