snail mail | i left my heart in victoria

before i left victoria i bought these beautifully simple postcards from my the regional assembly of text (god i wish i had a t-shirt with the same slogan!). within my first week here i had already started to write lists of things on the back and send them to friends in victoria. and in the time since, the list has only grown longer in my head. probably it can be summarized as "everything" but i'll write down some specifics...

things i miss about victoria:

how fresh the air smells
how fresh the air feels
spring from march to november
fudge from catawampus
the owners at bagels on broad
huge amount of art galleries
unique but unpretentious restaurants
patio culture
the view from the inner harbour
very little snow
mountain top 360 views
surrounded by the ocean
my friends
chorizo fondue at tapa bar
ted harrison
amazing transit system
knowing the arts scene
extended boot weather (but like, cute boots, not winter boots)
arbutus trees
cherry blossom season (like pink snow)
no real highways
oak bay people/neighbourhood
no pst on children's items
and so much more


  1. we could go to the burlington or oakville lakefront for a cheap imitation of a harbour view...!

  2. I can't imagine how hard it must be adjusting from such a beautiful place to.. Ontario. haha! Ontario definitely has it's nice places but Victoria is just stunning. I'm sure all it takes though is time!

    ps I'm out of town right now but as soon as I'm back meet ups for sure!! I'll email you when I'm home :)


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