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on may 29th, i attended a blogger meet up in victoria. that may not sound very exciting to all those from new york and chicago and california. but here in victoria, we bloggers are not as predominant...or least if we are we haven't yet figured out how to connect.

so in come tan. tan from squirrelly minds attended alt summit earlier this year and came home packed with inspiration and motivation. she and reb from the life nostalgic hand picked victorian bloggers for an evening of "create curate" (best name ever).

there was some tasty treats including these beautiful macarons from bon macaron

we were given goody bags full of amazing tid bits including a gift certificate from gala fabrics, stationery from the regional assembly of text and soap from saltspring soapworks (which inspired one of my bridal shower ideas so i went there for more!)

we all made various forms of party bunting with a selection of materials from the makehouse tickle trunk.

i got to meet some wonderful women, all of whom can be found below:


  1. i love your blazer! you look fabulous :)

  2. Woohoo! SO glad you came and we got to meet! You have good taste with that colour my dear ;)


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