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so this week i'm away on vacation. it seems strange to refer to it as a vacation (in my mind vacation is a word for time off in the summer, or visiting mexico in the winter). but we've booked the time off and technically we are traveling somewhere warmer!

we've left moody victoria and are traveling down the west coast of the united states. we're taking the coast on the way down, and then once we hit san francisco we'll turn around and drive back up through portland, and seattle. let me just say...i can't wait to go to portland. they say portland and san francisco are the u.s. victorias!

but here's the thing - i'm not sure that i like to travel. i like the idea of it. it's inspiring and eye-opening and often makes you appreciate home even more. but traveling is also challenging, and frustrating and lonely. there are so many places i want to go - italy, france, greece, england...

but since i'm such an organized control freak, i don't think i have what takes to let loose while visiting a new place. i can't imagine not speaking the language, or having to eat strange foods or being sick so far away from home and canadian healthcare. plus my husband is not always...comfortable in new places. and so i think i would feel a lot of pressure to take care of two people.

hopefully once day i'll be able to take the plunge and visit the louvre in paris, the uffizi in florance or the national gallery in london...

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  1. You're going to have a wonderful vacation. I feel that travel is the opposite of frustrating and lonely -- it's eye-opening and all-encompassing. Imagine all of the amazing people you will meet, places you will see, and food you will eat that would otherwise stay unknown to you! Take a hold of the steering wheel and have an amazing time! Cheers--


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