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you may have seen will cotton's work already. it's widely circulated for his luscious paintings of katy perry surrounded by fancy cakes and cotton candy. this is a common theme in his work and i've included some of my favourites below. i love the first image because of the sheer abundance of goodies! i don't know whether i like it because it's a commentary on the ubiquity of baked goods and consumption, or because it looks so delicious. maybe it just reminds me of a similar theme in the work of lee price. and i love me some lee price!

i also enjoy the last image because of the look on the woman's face. again, the context of the work is up for debate. is she uncomfortable? is is rife with suggestive undertones stating that women are a treat to be gobbled up? or perhaps she's just concentrating hard on balancing...

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  1. i don't comment often, but i wanted to stop by and let you know that these are fabulous, and i love finding new artists through you :)


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