feature art friday | lee price

god, i am just so excited to share this. design crush shared it with me first, but i don't really care much about posting the same thing as others currently. p.s. have you not been to the design crush blog? you're missing out! but the real question is - can i use "p.s." in the middle of a sentence? anyways, i was totally blown away when i read about the artist lee price. i love what she does. i love the photo realism of her work (they are oil paintings), and i love how she makes the self portraits look vulnerable, powerful, beautiful and disgusting all at the same time. above all, i love how i connect with her in these images, for various reasons. commercial galleries don't float my boat but this is the kind of art that makes me want to open my own gallery, and say "hah! take that!" to public galleries.


  1. Oh my! These are OIL paintings! I headed straight for the pics, then read (yep, I admit I love pretty pictures!). I thought they were photographs. I am in amazement!

    PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern

  2. i concur- i love love love paintings that could pass as photographs.


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