art | curiouser exhibition

last friday i went to two art exhibitions. the first was "romancing the squirrel" - a solo show of works by  renowned 'squirrel artist' carollyne yardley. there were so many people at that one that i couldn't even take pictures! suffice to say it was a neat atmosphere and and were it not for the sheer amount of people i would have been convinced i was in some sort of woodland setting. i even picked up two beautiful little pieces...which i'll share with you later!

as a nice segue, my friend and i traveled across town to another show with a work by yardley - laurie luck's curiouser exhibition. the show was inspired by alice in wonderland themes and many of the artists had there own modern take. from surreal photography to detailed paper cuts, the exhibition did not disappoint. 


  1. What a fun couple of shows! Perfect for back to back gallery hopping!

  2. Hey, the bottom photo is by my friend, Rachael Ashe! I saw those cool paper cuts at her studio. I love when artists I like, like each other.


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