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hey ladies! on thursdays i've been featuring various "creators" that i find and love. today i'm switching it up a bit and featuring a "curator" (say it quickly and it sounds the same!). 

lesley frenz has an amazing art blog entitled artsy forager. but now she's taken it one step farther and created "found gallery." for the inaugural exhibition, "city mouse | country mouse," frenz has featured a juxtaposition of artists and artwork. i love the concept, the title and all of the pieces! despite the casual contrast, both bodies of work give me a distinct feeling of serenity. 

the first pieces are by christina baker, and feature soft brushstrokes, multiple layers of colour...and a hint of cezanne blocking. the other works are by deann hebert and have more of a representational feel - but only minimally. with more of a focus on the paint and canvas itself, hebert gives us her view of southern fields, farmhouses and flora (fittingly in all of the classic "country themed" acrylic colours). 

all works are available for sale and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the nashville zoo! lesley...you are too cool for words.

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