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over the weekend my husband took me to a blues concert. doesn't that sound cool and chic and creative? yes, i was also very impressed when he made the decision and even bought the tickets all by himself. what initiative i said! how sexy i thought!

i had a good laugh then, when i found out why he wanted to go so bad. you see, from 1992-1998 there was a fantasy television series called "highlander." it's about immortals who must fight each other to death because as the catchline states... "there can only be one." fantasy is totally not my thing so i'm cracking up at the concept and the cheesy nineties special effects whenever jon puts it on. turns out one of the main characters in the show - jim byrnes - is also a gifted blues musician. see how it's all coming together?

anyways, this post is not actually about jim byrnes, i just think my husband's nerdiness is cute and got sidetracked by that for a bit. the point of this musings post is my inability to sit still. during the whole opening act, and even a large majority of the main show, i felt so antsy and agitated. at first i couldn't figure out why - because the music was amazing (btw, check out the music of "babe gurr"). but then i realized it was because i wasn't multi-tasking!

there would be short sections of time (an amazing violin solo, a beautiful harmonic coming together of voices, or a hilarious story from the 70's told between songs) when i was completely engrossed. but at other moments i kept wishing i could be at home, watching this on tv...so that i could knit, craft, create, chat, browse online...or whatever. the point is that i didn't feel productive.

i'm a little depressed by the fact that my life, my generation and the technology thats surrounds me every day has made me into this person who doesn't know how to relax. to sit still, to do nothing essentially. 

by the end of the concert, i started to get the hang of it. but despite the fact that i had a really great time, once it was over i couldn't wait to get home and start work on a new project i had been thinking about...

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