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buying art online can seem weird. but here's the thing...so few people are going to art galleries these days. and even less to commercial galleries - because even though i think they rock, it seems inevitable that people will feel awkward and and pressured inside them. so the solution is clearly to shop online! and with awesome sites like ugallery for example, it's easier than it's ever been. i'm so impressed with how well they are able to capture paintings in a real life way. see the last photograph in this post - you can literally see the texture and dimension of the paint on the canvas. and hey, if that's not good enough...you're allowed to try the piece out for a whole week!

ugallery is offering my readers 15% off with the coupon code isavirtue15. if you've never ordered art online before, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. you may even find some awesome prints to give as christmas gifts!

talia rainyk. eyes. photography.

menno van der meulen. dominique. photography.

gabriel schama. vanity mirror. print.

maria tanikawa. inversion circle no. 3. mixed media on paper.

valerie chiang. pier at sunset. photography

kristen spencer. night & day. acrylic on canvas.

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