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i'm so heartbroken because last week i made about six beautiful pieces of mail art...but then i accidentally mailed them! or should i say, i mailed them without first taking photographs. and i know i don't have the proof but i must say they were some of my best and most colourful pieces to date.
well at least the receivers will enjoy them!

in the meantime, i thought i would share some of my recent favourites by one of my favourite mail artists - rin dawson of papered thoughts:


  1. can i just say how relieved i am that you do that too? i totally forgot to take a photo of the cookies i sent in all your amazing wrapping paper. i'm hoping one of the women i sent them to takes pictures. but i can't ask because it's supposed to be a surprise.

  2. Can you ask them to send you photos!? We all want to see ;)


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