snail mail | christmas greetings

i had so many ideas for my holiday cards this year! it was pretty hard to narrow it down. but then i remembered my favourite holiday poem - "the night before christmas." it really has the most clever verses - but my favourite line is "while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads." i love that because it describes perfectly how i feel in the months and weeks leading up to december 25th! so i designed and ordered one last christmas carol stamp - "visions of sugarplums." and here's what i did with it!

p.s. should  put some "visions of sugarplums" products in my shop?


*inside the envelopes for my family, i've included these neat pop up ornaments! they're perfect for mailing because you can send them flat, and you receiver "pops"them up!


  1. Those are such cool cards! And I LOVE the gingerbread stamps!! It's that time of year, aye?
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. Anonymous5.11.12

    Oh cool, I love these!It would be nice to add them to your shop, along with, (maybe), some more words from Christmas songs!


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