snail mail | round letters & paper planes

as i promised - these are my mail art pieces from the last week - some of my favourite ever! for this first piece, i was inspired by something i saw on goodnight little spoon a year ago, as well as this mail from an old friend! magdalyn bought me a bunch of pretty japanese style papers at the paper place in toronto so i thought it only fitting that i make her something out of them! and scroll down for my favourite mail art ever...

i made the following package for my friend holly. it's a little gift from the artist i work for. he used to live in the yukon (for twenty-five years!) so i wanted to emphasize the journey the package would take up to the canadian north. i drew a map of the pacific west coast and traced the path using washi tape planes. cute eh?

i received this little surprise from a fellow blogger named kate from our little sins. there was a beautiful pantone postcard inside this lovely heart envelope. i liked the card so much that i immediately ordered my own set of 100!

this next colourful piece is from lea, in germany. we both participated in a pen pal project on the freckled italian. lea's letter was a bit tardy but better late than never!

last but not least is the second piece of mail i received from the elevated envelope project. you can see more mail art from this project here!


  1. Ah! I really want to try the circle/round letter, but I'm afraid it might get lost! Please let me know if yours makes it through the mail!

  2. Oh wow, mine pales in comparison to some of these divine letters. Some people are just so creative. I love, love, love that you bought your own box. Aren't they fabulous!? So many wonderful things you could do with 100 Pantone postcards!! xx

    1. i know right? so many snail mailings and so many crafty projects!

  3. I love seeing all of your mailart up on here!
    I hope that you receive my letter soon--it is definitely on its way!
    Have a beautiful (mail-filled) day!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  4. Oh, I really love mail art!! I have a feature on my blog called Snail Mail Monday, where I post things I get, but I haven't posted in a long time because I haven't been getting much recently, because I haven't been sending. ;D


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