mail art monday | the best letter i've ever received.

i came across this recently and i knew i had to share it. this is a letter someone sent me couple of years ago. before i moved to victoria i worked at the kitchener-waterloo art gallery and every day i worked side by side with alex. alex, who's attention to detail and creativity would blow your mind. we bonded over cleanliness and century gothic font. soon after i moved away she sent me this amazing piece of mail art - and it's no stretch to say it is the best letter i have ever received.

as far as i can tell, she used art magazines, like the kind we used to have in the gallery - to create a series of circles.* she then attached them together with one of those metal duo-tang clips. finally, she typed the letter and cut out each section so that it could be glued to the back of the circles. either she really liked me or she had an incredibly boring day at the gallery!

p.s. happy birthday alex.

* can you even imagine how long those would take to cut out?


  1. Wow! That is so pretty!! Now I want to do that, but I text all my far away friend too much to have an occasion to use it. :-P Sometimes I'm not convinced technology is such a good thing - but then, without it I wouldn't have those friends in the first place... Ok, I take it back. Technology is a good thing but that doesn't mean it it isn't still annoying sometimes!

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I'm glad you liked my dress. Would you believe it's an XXL?? I could almost fit two of me in it! I didn't think it would work even with a belt, but I as pleasantly surprised! :D

    Have an absolutely beautiful day!

  2. How lovely and how wonderful that it went to you who so appreciates letters and the paper arts!

  3. Must take a lot of time, but oh so pretty!

  4. Hello, I'm a new follower :) Absolutely love this idea, just had to comment, I want to surprise my friend interstate with this.
    Must start collecting images!


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