snail mail | bubble tape and cupcakes

hi! hello, remember me?? i'm the girl who likes art, and snail mail, and the colour pink. you may also know me as the girl who takes to her bed and spends the week scratching like an insane lady. pretty much i'm still doing that...but more subtly as i had to get back to work. below are my mailings and receivings from last week. 

the first few photographs are the pieces i made for the most recent elevated envelope round at ephemera press with the theme "sweet." bubble tape it one of my secret sweet obsessions (it's no secret that i like sweet things - but i can't eat bubble tape in public because i'm pretty weird about it. i put some in, chew it for a couple minutes, spit it out and go again until it's all gone!) to make the "bubble tape" i adhered pink washi tape to cartridge paper in strips. then i cut them out and stuck them together to create a nice long strand...which i proceeded to wrap around and around my handmade envelopes!

the last images are of the first elevated envelope sent to me! i have no idea how she managed it but that cupcake it sewn on!! look closely - it's very geometric and reminds me of the spiral graphs we used to create in grade school :)


  1. I love the bubble tape... the designs so pretty too.

    The cupcake is paper embroidery, I haven't done or seen it for years but it must have been such an effort to do it on an envelope.

  2. love this so much...

  3. Juliana15.8.12

    Hi Kaitlyn! I'm glad you like the envelope I made :) I made your envelope with a thread and needle, and lots of concentration :) I just got home from my trip and found your *awesome* envelope in my box. I loved taking it apart, it was like a puzzle.


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