integrate arts festival | art crawl photographs

for the last four months i have been working on the organization of a city-wide art crawl. it's an amazing event in the sense that it gives people the opportunity to visit galleries at night, for free and to feel comfortable in them surrounded by other people. so last night i raced around town trying to make it to as many galleries as i could! it was so great to meet in person those people i had only communicated with through email. it was a hectic night, but definitely an energetic and inspirational one as well. it was hard to choose what images i wanted to share from the galleries but here are some of the highlights:

aimee van drimmelen's amazing drum skin paintings at the fifty fifty arts collective  

a retrospective of works by duncan regehr at the legacy art gallery 

incredibly detailed ship paintings by robert mcvittie at the maritime museum of bc

wicked painted records and creepy collages at the loft gallery

a group show, including the ahhmazing meghan hildebrand at madrona gallery

encaustic works and pretty plates at the martin batchelor gallery

intriguing video installations by deirdre logue at open space

an incredible array of souvenir inspired works at pop up gallery souvenir

energetic art crawlers (the legion of awesome) and collectors choice works at winchester galleries (humboldt valley)

modern midcentury works at winchester galleries (modern)

party goers and edgy graffitti art at wolf/sheep arthouse


  1. Congrats! It looks like an amazing event and you should be patting yourself on the back. When I see photos like this, I always want to go and check out the galleries myself. Victoria, so close...and yet so far. I'll try to make it out there this fall.

  2. Congratulations on organizing such a great event!

  3. wow you organized that?! looks like an INCREDIBLE night with lots of amazing art!


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