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just popping in to apologize for the lack of posts! i'm having some sort of strange allergic reaction that involves scary hives, endless itchiness and short breathing. hopefully i'll feel well enough to do...something in a couple days. i think i have a stored musings post around here somewhere and since i'm having trouble doing lots of talking it seems only appropriate...

a couple days before i went on vacation i woke up with an incredibly sore throat. there was absolutely no reason for it and for the most part, it was gone by the next day. but what i noticed while trying not to talk...was all the talking i was doing. despite having gone hours with not talking, or minimally whispering, i found myself suddenly feeling guilty for having chatted so much. inside my head i was chastising myself: "tsk tsk katie, you're throat is never going to heal if you're nattering non stop!"

i realized i felt like i'd been talking because of all the technology and social media. i sent so many emails, text messages, facebook updates and tweets that i was convinced i was conversing using my voice. but i don't know - does that count as talking? i think definitely yes. i'm a huge advocate for social media - mostly because i'm a fan of multi-tasking and so i feel proud of myself when i accomplish multiple things at once, and "keep up" with old friends by the click of a button. on the other hand i'm an advocate for letter writing. and i get what people mean when they say that no one really talks anymore. what do you think? is technology a substitute for verbal conversation? do you think we and our relationships suffer without it? or are we strengthened?


  1. Usually I'd say we're weakened by it, but when I think about my friends, I know that I'm strengthened by it. I'm stuck in my house all day long looking after my mother, which suits me fine, but it means I can't get out and see my friends, who are also busy all the time. I have no confidence speaking over a phone, regardless of how long I've known the person, so being able to send an email or text message whenever I think of it is really valuable to me.

    Hope you get better soon, that does sound like an allergic reaction. How strange! Sending good vibes your way ♥

  2. i think it can go both ways. while technology does certainly allow us to reach across vast - or minute - distances and connect with people on our own terms and our own time, it can also lead to closer relationships with our keyboards than human beings. i think it's good to use as a tool but not as a substitute for real person to person interactions.

    also... (a little of my women's studies background kicking in here)... technological communication is highly classed. there are many people around the world as well as around the corner from you that do not have access to the brilliance of this type of communication. And while no one in the 3rd or 1st world is gonna die from lack of twitter participation, these same technologies COULD be used to aid in education, access to resources, etc.. so i think it's important to remember how privileged and lucky we are to have access and the ability to use these tools and not take them for granted.

  3. I think, perhaps, it's the death of silence we should be worried bout ; )This is going to sound completely mental but, every so often, I kidnap myself. An entire day of not speaking to anyone is so rare that I feel almost guilty, it's so delicious : P

    Hope you're feeling better, Kaitlyn!


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