art vs. art | samantha french vs. lisa hebden

my last art vs. art post involved swimmers and the comments i received included links to...more swimmers! i had no idea this was such a common subject matter but hey - whatever floats your boat! (or you?) anyways, lesley recommended samantha french and meghann suggested lisa hebden - and there you have it, another art vs. art!

although the colouring (blue, the last swimmers were more green) is very similar, and many of the bodily positions are echoed, there are distinct differences in atmosphere. lesley mentioned the idea of sarah harvey's swimmers holding themselves underwater - i think samantha french emphasizes this even further. her women, all of who's faces are underwater, look pained but hopeful. they appear to be waiting for something or striving towards something. as if they hold themselves under just a little bit longer, a wish will come true.

lisa hebden's girls are generally more relaxed. they are the girl we all want to be in the summer - splicing through refreshing waves and sparkling in the sun. they are very much alone in their thoughts however, and i feel as if i am intruding on a private moment.

samantha french

lisa hebden


  1. oh I really like the pictures!!

  2. Of course, I always love Samantha French's work and completely see the anticipation you mentioned. Lisa Hebden's work definitely feels a bit lighter ( both in palette and atmosphere ). Two fantastic choices!


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