project life | august sixth to twelfth

i've never gotten into scrapbooking - i'm not really sure why. maybe because it seems fussy to me and i like to keep my paper crafting simple. even my envelopes and writing paper are straightforward! so when i heard about project life it seemed perfect. with becky higgin's project life, your thoughts, memorabilia and photos are neat and compartmentalized. it was surprisingly unexpensive to get started - i bought a years worth of 12x12 insert sheets and a binder to keep them in - all for $50! oh, did i mention that all of it arrived within three days?? i'm so excited to start documenting our life. 

below are photos of the materials and here is where you can learn more about project life.

i did a quick recap of previous weeks, including the arts festival i organized and notes about the bees in our condo. i used a mixture of cream and teal coloured cardstock to suggest that i've been feeling blue in the past week. i highlighted the pages with lace and striped washi tape (wishi washi tape & pretty tape) and featured some of my new pantone postcards.

above right is "an ode to my husband - who took such good care of me while i was sick."

on the second page, i documented the death of my grandfather using a card about memories (regional assembly of text) and a stamp that reminds me of the playing cards he always had nearby.

i definitely encourage all of you to check out project life and consider it for yourselves! you can check back here for weekly updates on my pages.


  1. Wow, I've seen a couple of people doing this but they didn't give such a great look. This is beautiful. I love the memories...

  2. i have a feeling this will be a new obsession for you! I love the unique style you are bringing to it.

  3. Having looked at the website I think its a brilliant idea, its similar to a photo album but without the sticky pages and pockets for only photos, you add a bit of detail that you can read without having to pull each photo out. This is something I'd love to do if I ever have children :).

    I'm a fussy crafter but for some reason scrapbooking hasn't ever caught my attention. Its seem such an effort to decorate a page for one photograph.

  4. because i have to click through to your blog to read a full post i have you in my "click through" folder. alongside ali edwards who has some great project life spreads. (see elsie joy too ;)

    i love to see your spread, the individual style everyone brings to it. i also really love that you've started this in the midst of the year/month. renegade.

    can't wait to see more weeks!


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