art | nicholas vandergugten + being sick

arrrrg!! i could literally spend all day screaming. screaming and scratching - if i let my body do what it wanted to. i probably shouldn't talk about this on my lovely little blog but it's all i've been thinking about since saturday.

for a person like me, who loves the feeling of being productive - the last six days have been so frustrating. the (super unhelpful) doctor nurse diagnosed me with a very itchy rash with hive-like welts that develops on your torso, legs, arms, hands and feet...and sometimes your face (so everywhere??). and if there's a spot that is free of it - scratch and it will be there too. what a clever thing this is! because here's the catch: if i touch myself or something else, it becomes itchy. but if i scratch the itch, the welts arise. and the only way to get it to stop being itchy? wait it out. what a terrible cycle!

here's something to distract us: last week i bought a beautiful print that i have been thinking about for some time now. it's called "moving through" and it is a lino block print by nicholas vandergugten. i've always wanted a piece that will be reminiscent of my time here on vancouver island. i love this image first and foremost because it feels like a depiction of myself, standing on the johnson street bridge, looking out into the inner harbour. but the print is also incredible for the sheer amount of skill that has been put into it. just looking at the image you can feel the amount of time the artist spent working on it!


  1. aye ya! let me know if i can do anything for you! i just googled your diagnosis - that can't be good! xo!

  2. Your print is gorgeous and hope it is distracting you from scratching! Feel better soon!

  3. totally does look like you. i actually thought for a sec it was one of those apps that artistically rendered a pic of you!


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