art vs. art | ali cavanaugh vs. jeff ramirez

oh my goodness i just love art vs. art! i find it so much fun to connect and compare two similar bodies of work from two different artists. i should point out that i am in no way suggesting that an idea has been "done already" or that one is "better than the other." i think we just live in a big wide world full of inspiration and it's inevitable that some people will come up with the same idea. except the result isn't the same. to me the fun comes in comparing how two different minds express their thoughts on one subject matter.

today's art vs. art is the perfect example. both ali cavanaugh and jeff ramirez paint portraits of people avoiding the "camera." maybe they are avoiding the viewer, or replications of their self, or maybe it's themselves that are hiding from. both artists create characters that are seemingly annoyed by the intrusion, and others still who appear playful. 

i'm pretty hung up on these images by ali cavanaugh myself. it's mostly an aesthetic thing because i enjoy the bright airy atmosphere. and i mean - socks on your hands? what could possibly be better?

which works do you prefer and why? tell me why! :)

ali cavanaugh

jeff ramirez


  1. I see why you like ali cavaunagh's work, the socks on hands are cute/whimsical, but i'm just drawn to jeff ramirez's so much more. i adore the technical skill, how it's a painting that looks so like a photograph. i like how the subjects have such detailed and realistic backgrounds so it's like a moment in time of someone sticking a camera in your face and you not wanting the picture. i like that he could have just taken pictures but instead painted it.

    1. i really also enjoy how his work looks like camera shots that caught people off guard or in the moment. it's clear that cavanaughs work is very contrived - as much as it tries to be playful. but as the other commenter mentioned - there's a slight cartoon like quality to ramirez's work that aggravates me.

  2. i preferred ali cavaunagh's work because they are less cartoony. i am not keen on the cartoony look but ramirez is clearly talented too xo

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