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this is the july 2012 art to inspiration. we take inspiration from an amazing piece of art and translate it into something new - a graphic, an outfit, a collage or more art! if you would like to be a part of this once a month club, sign up here.

this month's art piece - photographs by smita jacob of healing yoga with aarti really grabbed me with it's  colours and surprise factor (yoga in the snow on an ice rink??). while i don't do yoga, i connected with the image. i know the harbourfront where this was shot because i'm from the greater toronto area. i also liked the very calm and relaxed atmosphere vs. the fire of her outfit. i wanted to create something with a similar feeling!

i have a yogi friend named shawna and she gave me a beautiful set of stamps awhile ago. i never made anything for her using them so this seemed like the perfect excuse! red envelopes with beautiful embossed indian inspired images.... 


  1. those are gorgeous! i would love love love to go to india one day and do lots of yoga. one day…!

  2. These are stunning! Also, what a great connection-Smita is from that area as well!


  3. Those stamps are gorgeous! I love them with the fun, bright red. They are perfect with Smita's photo!

  4. These are really gorgeous! Well done. Can't wait to see what you come up with for August. ;-)


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