art | wolf/sheep arthouse

not too long ago, jon and i went downtown to check out an art exhibition by wolf/sheep arthouse. it was held in an old bank building and much of the art was hung in the cement walled vaults, as you'll see below. 

wolf/sheep is kind of amazing because it's a hybrid - part tattoo parlour, part gallery and part events. i've always been a little too shy to go in - mainly because it's not at street level, and despite having three tattoos i never really feel comfortable in a tattoo parlour. 

but when i did finally get up the guts - i saw that the art gallery part is amazing! the artists they represent are creating edgy, hip and exciting works of art. a friend of mine argued that the show felt like a high-school art exhibition but i disagree. i think the artwork displayed was both beautiful and confrontational. it showcased the talent and uniqueness of the artists. 

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  1. Oh I love love the yellowish painting in the third picture!!!!


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