art vs. art | maria aparicio vs. looms in our bones

i love mixed media. i don't like when it's literally labeled "mixed media" (i want to know what's in the work darnit!). but i just love when an artist takes two forms of art which are not traditionally used together, and marries the two. below i have exhibit a, and exhibit b.

the first four images are photographs (by different photographers), altered by maria aparicio using textiles. with aparicio's additions the pictures becomes three dimensional, and full of energy. 

the last four images are from an exhibition entitled "the looms in our bones." the title is perfectly in parallel with the works themselves. created by separate artists, they consist of drawings with stitched embellishments.

both sets of artwork have a threaded third dimension and this fundamental aspect gives the subject matter even more life!

but, as always with the game of art vs. art - you must choose which one you like best!


  1. I love how the use of mixed media humanizes a piece. That yarn, that embroidery -- I'm immediately drawn in. Those last three pieces are simply exquisite.

    Gorgeously curated!

  2. I like maria aparicio makes me wanna try it for myself! Better get started on how to learn how to stitch?

  3. They are so different in style, I love them both! I'm perhaps a bit more drawn to Aparicio's work for the geometry of the threading and how it is incorporated into the narrative of each photo. I recently featured another artist doing similar work, Shaun Kardinal, and now I'm seeing it all over!

    Fantastic choices!

  4. I love the energy in the first four. I want to be the girls in the photos! Beautiful choices.


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