snapshot | buns, blossoms & bus stops

one | a particularly good bun day, in which i chose an extra large sock donut and pinned less tightly than usual! 

two | beautiful cherry blossoms in victoria. they fly around the city like snow this time of year and gather in banks at the curb.

three | a little gift for jon - an "i love you and thank-you for supporting me" cake - three layers!

four | an amazing set of graphic "graffiti" decals added to the signature bus stop dots just outside our condo building.

five | my aunt keke has been showering me with shoppers drug mart points! in the first couple visits i bought kleenex and shampoo. but on this day i splurged on expensive make up items :)

six | one of the many little gifts in my send something good box from norway - the big reveal is may 28th!


  1. My favorite thing about spring in the Northwest US is the cherry blossoms!! So amazing and I love it when they scatter a blanket of pink over the sidewalks.

  2. The cherry blossoms are beautiful! Here in the deep South the cherry blossoms have been gone for months.

  3. I love your bun! So cute!!!

  4. You're bun is perfect, I love it!


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