art vs. art | kristi malakoff vs. jen stark

i found kristi malakoff recently on honestly wtf and discovered jen stark a year ago in the online cooper cole gallery (formerly show and tell) during my maya hayuk obsession.

kristi and jen both play with paper - but they take it to a whole new level through shape, colour and presentation. before i provide a comparison, i want you to take a peek at these pieces by kristi. note the similarity to jen stark's work below.

however, those are not the pieces i am going to post in representation of kristi. while interesting, i don't feel that they are the best or most unique of her work. instead i am going to show you a beautiful selection of black paper grave crosses.

both selections are absolutely stunning - but which do you prefer and why?

jen stark

kristi malakoff


  1. i'm loving jen stark's art! lovely.

  2. Anonymous31.5.12

    I've seen Kristi's work in the real. Jen's work is groovy and pretty amazing but Kristi's work is transcendent magic. Even like her work better than Louise Bourgeois.

    1. what a wonderful comment - i wish you weren't anonymous!


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