feature art friday | maya hayuk

i saw this (first piece of) art by maya hayuk, represented by the show and tell gallery in toronto, awhile ago but it was one of those pieces that i just kept coming back too. literally, i kept googling it and searching for it over and over again.* i love how maya's work is so simple and yet so very striking at the same time. her art also has a very futuristic feel to it which is neat - particularly the third piece here.

can you tell i'm totally obsessed with colourful art lately?? click "art" on my side bar categories and you'll see what i mean! and i've got some more great colourful pieces to post in the upcoming weeks. they are so colourful you'll think i'm having rainbows for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* why i didn't just bookmark it who knows?


  1. wow, stunning artwork. im loving the mesh of colours and some accidentally drips. great find patience! xo

  2. i'll believe it when you start wearing dresses that resemble these paintings ;)

  3. kaitlyn, these are smashing! love the colors and interwoven layering effects. gosh how i miss T-dot and all the culture/arts it showcases. thanks for sharing these tremendous pieces!! you've got such a great eye for visually stunning creations. ♥


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