snapshot | flowers, fortune dolls and fine days

one | this is the pattern on one of my new dresses - pretty and summery isn't it?

two | i posted about these wonderful fortune dolls by lara scarr and now i'm going to take the plunge and bring one home to live with me next week!

three | i love summer in victoria because the open air tourist buses are zooming all about town :) i feel like i'm on display but it's still fun to see!

four | a random, really involved project that i started with the intention of mailing it to someone. but it didn't turn out quite how i intended so i'm not sure if i will finish it now...

five | almost every day i have to walk or ride past this. they are tearing down an old hospital wing but it was so beautiful and so it breaks my heart :(

six | i visited a lovely end of town on a very fine day this week. i enjoyed steak frites with some of my best friends at bon rouge, one of victoria's best restaurants.


  1. oooohhh, I want your dress!!


  2. love that soft floral print friend!!

    and I hate when they tear buildings apart.. no matter what it used to be. I feel like it's a piece of history they tear down :/

  3. pretty pattern! i love living in a small city that's been around for over a hundred years, it's fortunate to have beautiful old buildings, nothing like your hospital though.


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