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despite the dust settling, and jon and i making some recent decisions regarding where to live (victoria, same condo), my life still feels so unsettled. i am thankful for these two months where i get to work mon-sat 12-5. but i don't know what will happen after that, or when to start looking for another job. i was also lucky to be able to hire a good friend of mine - and it's a relief to know that she can split those shifts with me if i do find another position.

and yet, i still feel slightly hopeless. but as i was updating my resume this morning, i couldn't help but feel a little bit proud of my accomplishments. i think it's great that up until this past year, i've always held an arts job and a serving job. but i don't have to put the serving jobs on my resume because there are no gaps of time in which i was without a job in my chosen field. and i've already used this descriptor, but trust me when i say that i know how lucky that is!

i guess that's why i'm so befuddled by my current predicament. because i thought i was past the part of my life in which i would need to serve food in order to get by. or work a retail job selling clothing to pre-teens. is it so bad to want to keep the momentum of my resume going? to want to work in the field i am passionate about? to continue my career?

i know what you're thinking... "get in line lady, so do the rest of us!"


  1. true that. but it means we can empathize ;) let's revolt together!

  2. kaitlyn, i honestly think your outlook and experience are fantastic! i know if i was reading your resume, i'd want to snap you up in a minute. god speed on the hunt!

  3. It might be a discouraging thought, but with careers in the arts, I don't know that we're ever really out of the stage where we may have to take a non-art related job to get us by temporarily. If you do have to do so, don't lose heart-- continue with your quest to find a job in the arts. The hardest part is gaining experience and a foot in the door and you have that! It will come, I'm sure of it!

    PS- I had to take a non-arts job very briefly years ago and it helped me to really appreciate the position I finally ended up in. It was such a blip that I don't even include it on my current resume.


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