art vs. art | ana albera vs. kris atomic

i have long loved the illustrations of kris atomic - i often pop over to her portfolio to familiarize myself with her new work and simply for a little shot of happiness and humour. so when i came across the work of ana albero on the art cake, i couldn't but notice a similarity.

at first i couldn't pinpoint exactly what it is that made the work of these two artists so similar. i think it's the whimsical and charming nature of the women they draw. but also the bright colours, the somewhat forlorn expressions and the tiny features (eyes, nose, lips).

as always in 'art vs. art' - which do you prefer and why?

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  1. I don't really have a preference, maybe because they're so similar. I'm also reminded of my favourite kid's book - The Tiger Who Came to Tea



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