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wanna know a secret? i love my body. not always, but in rare moments of clarity i am overwhelmed with love for my own body. i'll be laying on the couch with my hands resting on my belly and i'll suddenly think: what a great soft belly i have - what could be more real than this tummy with its excellent squish factor and definite paunch?

of course these moments of crystalized vision can only arise under very specific circumstances. when i'm not comparing myself to celebrities, or models or even other woman i know (or don't know!). when i forget about health and wellness and rising obesity rates. when i pretend the concept of needing to be attractive in a certain kind of way even exists. only then can i love my curves and my flesh and every single piece of me for what it naturally wants to be.

it might just be me. but i've always liked the organic shapes of bodies when left to do their own thing. tactile-y speaking, i like chubby necks, and pudgy cheeks and droopy upper arms. places for squeezing and kissing and loving offer me a siren call. i like to play with a person's skin and muscle and find myself generally in awe of the human body. specifically my own - not everyday, but at times, on occasion, once-in-a-while, when i let myself just be.

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  1. That is great. I remember when I was in high school, I always thought I wanted to lose weight. Now looking back at photos, I realize how skinny I was. I have decided to be happy with my body now because I will probably look back ten years from now and think I looked great. May as well think that now :)

  2. I do the same, sometimes I pretend I am a ventriloquist and move my bellybutton ( bellybutton what a word). But people need some flesh on the bones!!!


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