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i've been holding off on posting about this wonderful package because it includes a gift for my husband's birthday next sunday. but that doesn't make any sense because he doesn't read my blog! christina, from whimsical poppysmic and i did a package swap. she recently moved back to germany and she and her daughter leonie were desperately missing north american staples such as mac n cheese, reese's pieces and crystal light. she posted about the package i sent her here.

i'm embrassed to say that because i waited to post this - i've eaten most of the goodies chrissy sent! there was lots of chocolate, some wicked pen/markers and some amazing german fizzy drink mix (seriously, it's sooo good!). but the most important part was these chocolate and hazelnut manner wafers. my husband just loves them but they are almost impossible to find. i'm so excited to present them to him on his birthday - i just know he'll be ecstatic!

thanks christina!!


  1. Thanks again for doing this fun swap with me! As I said, we can repeat this anytime! Can't wait to find out how your husband reacted, please do share! xxx

  2. Haha it's such a hard thing to not cave into temptation when sweets are in the picture. I would have done the same thing. Looks like you were strong though and were able to keep those wafers for your hubby! How strong of you! :D

  3. How fun it is to swap items from other countries. I have a friend in France and we do this all the time!

  4. So delsih! I have had these before and they are amazeballs. Such sweet packaging too!


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  5. So fun! What a great idea!

  6. OMG I miss them sooooo much :( My parents send me a care package from time to time, every time I am over I stock up on stationery cos it is so much cheaper than here in Ireland...also i miss lactose free ice cream :((( (double chin)


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