snapshot | pink goodies, the ocean & the l word

one | this was the end of the parcel paper roll - how cool is that? it reminds me of the pink stripes you see when receipt rolls run out. it was the perfect paper to wrap my cousin's wedding invitations in!

two | my new business cards arrived! i posted about the mini moos on monday but i love the new rounded corner full business cards!

three | i'm in love - again! this is a detail of a beautiful piece by annabelle marquis. i'm absolutely writhing with delight over these shades of pink!

four | the rogers video rental store near us is closing* so i snagged five seasons of one of my favourite shows - the l word. i already had a season at home but couldn't remember which one so i bought the ones they had available and crossed my fingers hoping that they wouldn't overlap. they didn't - i now have all six seasons!**

five | i bought some beautiful dresses from dorothy perkins uk. i love all of them but this is one i snapped a photo of last week.

six | this is a photo of the ocean near where jon and i stayed for our one year wedding anniversary. the waves were so wild that day! i'm always amazed at the power of the ocean.

* don't even get me started on video rentals vs. watching movies online + the lack of availability of movies!
** jon pointed out later that it wasn't exactly kismet as i probably bought the second season from the same store...hence why it wasn't available for sale on this day...


  1. holly smith26.4.12

    your hair is getting so long!! it grows so fast!
    also i love that dress and you look great!!!!

  2. Kaitlyn, I just stumbled into your lovely space for the first time...what a treat to find a fellow lover of all things handwritten!

    It gets a little lonely in the email age, but I am holding my ground and clinging to pretty penmanship. (:

  3. Anonymous28.4.12

    I love the L word and what a sweet dress! You look beautiful.
    - Des

    1. i know! it's like the greatest show on earth. each time i re-watch the series i am amazed at the way in which the writers develop each character to exquisitely!


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