snail mail | two surprises

you know what's fun? receiving awesome mail from friends and loved ones! you know what's even more fun?? receiving awesome mail from total strangers. talk about surprise factor! nicole sent me a pen pal letter from fort st. john, bc and it is super cool: there's creepy crawlies all over it! (the collage kind though, so it's safe to handle). even the inside has some fun collage bits and pieces - "snip snip!"

it's my husband's omi's ninety-first birthday this week and so we sent her a little something that we picked up awhile back. she's not technically my omi - but she sure feels like it. imagine the most adorable, tiniest, best humoured austrian women you can - and that's her! her name is...wait for it...rosy winkler! cute eh? so i think she definitely deserves "something good*" don't you?

* you too can send something good beginning march thirtieth - see you then!


  1. Love that Something Good paper! Glad the thirtieth isn't far away!

  2. Love the paper as well! Exciting!

  3. This is so fun, I love receiving personal mail. So much better than junk and bills!

  4. So glad you liked it :) I can't wait for your reply :D


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