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when i worked at kwag - we had a seasonal event called t.g.i. fridays. when i moved to victoria i discovered that the local public gallery (aggv) did a similar event entitled urbanite. it was basically the same thing - but with a serious difference - one was a program, the other a party. although t.g.i. fridays were good (crafts in a group setting with wine and a dj?), yes please), i've never been able to figure out exactly why it is that urbanite is so much more successful though. i'm talking people drinking, dancing, actually taking curatorial tours, lining up in the rain to get in successful. perhaps it's just because of the die hard arts culture here on the island. maybe alcohol plays a role - it's hard to know.

i went to the most recent urbanite and snapped some pics. i have to apologize because i had a glass of wine (that's all it takes for me!) and was a bit tipsy - so i don't really have any arty or clever explanations to go with these images. i do know that the main exhibit was throw down (which was like a crazy door prize after slogging through the stagnant, permanent emily carr exhibit).

perhaps my favourite part of the night/exhibition was this board where you were encouraged to write down the type of thing you would "throw down" for. art obviously - but someone else found more humour in the task:

interactive installations - but not that interactive!

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  1. fun exhibits! i don't often go to museums/galleries, but i do like the ones that are interactive.


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