sunday sins | second helpings

boy am i glad those two weeks are over! i think i might need more time to fully wean myself off the concept of "dessert" however. as soon as i finish a meal - i crave something sweet! it's the strangest thing because no matter how full i was, i still wanted chocolate or sweets. i did really well in the past six days though. i bought fibre granola bars with a bit of chocolate in them and ate one of those after dinner. at least then i wasn't going to the store to buy a pack of dibs or a tub of chocolate swirl ice cream...

mmmm chocolate swirl ice cream...

title/artist unknown

see that little boy?* (girl??) that's what i'm like. if there is food still to be had - i'll have it! it doesn't matter that i already had one bowl of cereal, or one egg sandwich. i'll get right up and make another! in order to train for the next two weeks, in which i will not enjoy second helpings, i've been cutting whatever i cook in half as soon as it's done. i put half in a tupperware container for my lunch at work the following day. once it's in the container, i feel naughty going back for more. i know that seems like a no brainer for most of you but i don't come from a leftover household, and though my husband and i valiantly save leftovers, we rarely (remember to) eat them.

i think i just need to let my stomach catch up to my brain. because chances are i'm full, or at the very least - satisfied.

* i love how the mothers face just says "now billy, do you really need that grape?"


  1. If I don't have fruit juice with my meal, I get a sugar craving right afterwards. So... yeah, juice it is...

  2. hahaha! I have been like this too. Nothing has been enough!

  3. i really like those peppermint patties? i have one or two of those at the end of a meal and they seem to do the trick. plus chocolate with peppermint filling often has less calories than straight chocolate. hang on. you don't like mint, do you?

  4. I am guilty of both sweets and seconds and wine. I think this is great challenge and can't wait to hear how you do!

  5. I can't help but want sweets sometimes too. Sometimes I have a cup of tea with honey in it, or a couple of jelly beans :)


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