sunday sins | dessert

a shout out to heather from a hopeless notebook who has decided to take on a sunday sin challenge of her own! please feel free to make your own list of sins and try to quit them! (at least for awhile...)

for my past sins, click here.

the sin i gave up for the last two weeks was diet pepsi. and guess what? i didn't have a single can! (or bottle, or glass). i know for some of you that may not seem like a big deal but when we have diet pepsi in the house i drink at least two-four cans a day! crazy right? i must say i didn't miss it all that much. and since diet drinks are pretty much a diuretic - i must admit my digestive system is quite delighted.

however, not drinking diet pop meant i drank a lot of juice. which has a lot of sugar. which is also a sin. so i think what i need to take away from this is balance. i mean, one diet pepsi a day would be a feat for me but i'll try to drink even less than that!

brandy deziel. ice cream. see the exhibition here

my sin to give up for the next two weeks is...ready for it? dessert.

holy cow. someone shoot me now.

you see, i'm just one of those "dessert people." i have to have something sweet after every meal! seriously, i could stuff myself with the biggest, richest dinner in the world - and i will still tell my husband to run to the convenience store and grab me some dibs, or m&m's or glosette raisins. it's like...an intense need.

why did i choose such difficult sins??

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  1. Once again, I commend you. Dessert is one of the greatest things ever but if you can get through this, you can get through anything! Thinking of you through this difficult time. Kx

  2. holy crap, are you sure? good luck on that, I hope it won't be too hard and you won't wake up during the need screaming for desserts!

    I limited myself to 3 cookies day...because I would replace my meals with sweets and biscuits and chocolate

  3. Good luck with the no dessert! I think I'm going to try to give up all sweets in March! Can't wait to see how your 2 weeks of no dessert goes! Best of luck!

  4. tea! get some really good tea like Aveda tea (yes, from the hair salon)... it's got a bit of sweetness to it and it's what i have when i'm avoiding dessert...

    ps. good job on the pepsi!


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