snail mail | vancouver & ontario

i found this adorable chocolate bar when jon and i were up island last weekend. it fits perfectly into my first square envelope template so i'm sending it to my lovely aunt keke.* i got a little crazy with the magazine cutouts this week - can you tell?

this is a piece of mail for an old schoolmate who lives in vancouver. i thought it was so fun to cut the map into an address label because it includes both victoria, where i live, and vancouver. i wrote my letter to her on the pages of jane austen's "persuasion" (i'm working on a gift for a friend and it involves cutting all the pages out of a beautiful book!**)

stay tuned for later today! i'll be posting sneak peeks of the entries for the mail art contest! they look fab!

* we call my other aunt fluffy - i'm not entirely sure how these nicknames came about but suffice to say they are not given names!
** i guess with my last post about my new e-reader i'm not showing a whole lot of respect for books right now am i?


  1. These are fantastic! Everyone loves a little snail mail, and if it comes in such a pretty package who could resist??

  2. Aww great stuff! I love snail mail




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