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this past christmas, my husband gave me an e-reader. yesterday a friend asked me if i had even wanted one. well yes, i did. but i also want an ipad even though i already have an i phone and a mac book. i like the simplicity of it, the size, and how it's unobtrusive and less obvious.

but that doesn't detract from the fact that i'm heartbroken over losing my relationship with printed books. beautiful paper pages, lovely cover wraps with gold embossed titles beneath, broken in spines and falling into sleep while struggling to dog ear the current page. and in addition, i'll no longer have beautiful bookshelves like the ones below...

ideal bookshelves, by jane mount (she'll create them on commission if you like, illustrated with all of you favourites).


  1. eee i love these!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nothing beats the fresh pages of a new book, or the yellowing pages of an older, well broken in book. They even have an attractive smell.

  3. Anonymous18.2.12

    I love e-books and can't see myself going back to paper ones, but I do miss the feel and smell of them. Lovely images... I'm inspired to paint some of my favourites now :)

  4. I have a love/hate feeling towards my kindle, it's so practical and light to carry, but I do miss real books... These illustrations are cute!

  5. i love your blog en your work so much!!! following x


  6. I think i'm the only person that i've come across who thought "yes no more real books!"

    since seeing these I'd really like to replace all the books on my shelf with a picture of the ones i have read in a nice frame.

  7. Miss Katelyn,
    I miss you. I'm sorry I'm such a bad blog friend. :( I hope you are doing well!! :) I'd love to catch up!

    p.s. These are beautiful!


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