snail mail | a sunrise

obviously i meant to post this much earlier today - but my husband stole my phone so i didn't have access to these iphone photos! but do wanna know why he stole my phone? to give me a new one! so now i have the iphone 4s and i am a very happy girl.

remember last week i wanted to post this sunrise snail mail but i couldn't find it? ta da! it's beautiful isn't it? this envelope is really representative of why i love mail so much. when someone takes the time to write you a letter, decorate an envelope, and post it to you? well that's just a recipe for a warm and fuzzy feeling!

p.s. don't forget about the mail art contest!


  1. So cute. :) And what a nice hubby you have! (remember when he drew my name from your first giveaway and called me Gertrude or something? haha! Maybe it was a boys name...)

  2. your husband stole your phone to give you the new one? CUTE! xx


  3. That is one awesome piece of mail!


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