snail mail | a long awaited package and a bicycle

today i was going to post an image of the most recent letter sent to me by my oldest friend and oldest penpal - but i can't find it! it's one of those situations where i cleaned too good and put everything away too well that now i can't find anything. there was a beautiful pencil crayon drawing on the envelope of a sunset!

so i crossed my fingers, unlocked my mailbox - and voila! a beautiful little bicycle card from an old school friend, and a package i have been desperately waiting for (find out on wednesday what it is!)

p.s. since you're going to come back on wednesday, you might as well come back on thursday for the announcement of a super fun contest!


  1. I love snail mail! Lucky girl - that card is so sweet :)

  2. Snail mail is great, oh that reminded me to send something tomorrow!

    the postcard looks amazing


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