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when i have an idea of an artist to post about - i put it in my blog schedule. which i love because sometimes i do it a week or two in advance and when i go to google the artist again - it's often a total surprise what art is going to load up on the screen! how delightful.

this was meant to be a post script, but it kind of turned into a post all on it's own. art crawl to come later today, i hope you link up! go find some inspiring art and post it!

i used to write my blog post ideas down in a moleskine but for some reason or another that wasn't working. i'm reassigning my moleskine back to "random notes here and there" and i've developed another method for keeping track of my blog schedule - ready?

tuex deux. boo ya!

i've been using the teux deux app for awhile now (on my iphone and online). it's beautiful, simple, sexy and hilarious - the perfect to do list. you can create tasks, edit them, and drag them to whatever day you like (there's even a "someday" list which i love). you can cross of tasks, or delete them all together.

 teux lets you use multiple accounts so i have a life list, and a blog list. it's great. in the above image, i've posted my life teux deux - in order to save my blog posts as a surprise.

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  1. Nice. I tried using an app and went back to paper! How funny :)


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