pen a letter | cards vs. writing paper

is it just me - or does something seem off about the image below?

did you figure it out yet? the theme of this grouping - a section from an "etsy finds" email is "pen a letter." except - i don't see any letters do you? i count six greeting cards - but no letters. hmmm...what a strange conundrum...

don't get me wrong - i love a good card as much as the next person. they are pretty, simple, often humorous and easy to find. but that doesn't make it any less of a "greeting card epidemic." this hallmark world we live in - while equally amusing and endearing - has given rise to an age in which we let the cards do the talking for us. i'm guessing that more than fifty percent of the time, people spend an inordinate amount of time picking out a card - and then simply pen their name to it before sealing the envelope. admittedly i've been given some pretty perfect cards over the years - but i have to wonder if perhaps all that time in the card aisle could be put to better use - by sitting down and choosing your own words.

i have a habit of skipping right to the inside of greeting cards. my husband is constantly chastising me for this - "read the front first kaitlyn!" but you see - some stranger wrote those words, and i'm more interested in what the giver has written to me personally.

i guess that's why i'm so attached to writing paper. some cute, but simple writing paper encourages the writer to put into words the feelings and thoughts their are in their heart and mind.


  1. Totally agree!Cards can be an easy cop-out for a more meaningful letter. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I tend to use both. If I find a card I love I will write in it and continue the letter on with some writing paper. If I'm writing a proper letter, I definitely use writing paper. But cards are nice for the shorter missives.

  3. I love writing paper and sometimes it can be hard to find, but it's so worth it. I agree with you that writing paper is better, I just have so much more to say than can fit in a cute little card.


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