feature art | poppy and pinecone

in continuation of my new, developing obsession with water colours, i am posting these whimsical maps by elisabeth from poppy & pinecone on etsy. similar to the cityscapes created by watercolourist jessica durrant, elisabeth tugs at our heartstrings with her custom paintings of states, provinces and countries. as i begin to fall more in love with my city each day (my home now for just over three years), i often think about how when i leave (there will unfortunately come a day), i will want a portrait of this beautiful island to take with me. looking at these beautifully, but softly rendered shapes makes me think i've found the artist who can make that happen for me. 

below i've included some places that mean something to me - canada, british columbia (see me waving from the bottom of vancouver island?), italy (a place i must visit someday in order to feel like a true art historian/curator) and north america.


  1. They are amazing! Beautiful! xxx

  2. those are beautiful! so much so, that i'm actually thinking of buying one!
    and yes you do need to go to italy - i think it's my favourite country that i've visted so far!

  3. I love the "I have left my heart in so many places" painting! Beautiful <3


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