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i know it's thursday and i usually post a fifty-two project. but i think i'm going to start spacing those out a bit. they make me feel a little bit stressful and there are a couple i'm not going to do anything (they involves strange irrelevant things like shot gunning beer and looking for broken umbrellas...). instead i will share a what i made post. which i should have posted yesterday.

but you see...it's begun again. the sims. i go through periods where i become totally obsessed with playing the sims on a regular basis. when i was in university i would even bring my lap top to class and play the game! and now they've introduced "sim's ambitions." which means i get to be an interior designer. i literally get to go into other sims house and paint, build, decorate etc. so if you don't hear from me, you can be pretty sure i'm out living my double life as gallerist (real life)/interior designer (sim life).

i posted so many new things in my shop today and i'm in the midst of creating even more. there is a really special collaboration that i'll be sharing with you on snail mail monday. i'm just bursting to show you pictures and tell you all about it but it's been planned for january so i'll have to wait - but stay tuned!


  1. These are all beautiful! I love the simple contrast of black + white.

    (( Loving the new blog look, by the way! ))

  2. love the pen tips! fabulous.

  3. Love the butterflies and the something good envelope, I have to update my credit card details (well first I have to get it) before shopping again :(

    and oohh sims, I really wanted to play it there recently but I couldn't find the CD...horror!

  4. I love the flock of birds! I so can't wait to get my recent purchase from you! ♥ Your blog has inspired me to find myself a penpal so that I have an excuse to make mail art, and because I also feel that while you can learn a lot about people quickly by email, you can learn even more when they write. Like, what they care about enough to spend the time writing it out by hand, and of course their different handwriting types and doodles :D So, thank you for that x

  5. I go through periods of Sims addiction as well. Sometimes I get the urge to play, and have to stop myself because it's so hard to stop once you start!

    All these pieces are so cute, but that hummingbird is absolutely adorable!


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