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j's favourite secret weapon word is "passion." he likes to pull it out when he's really trying to bring a point home. he feels that if you say you are passionate about something people will just get it.

i like to think i am passionate. after six point five years i am still crazy passionate about j. i don't know exactly what you think i mean when i say passion but i'm talking "gotta hear his voice, gotta sniff him and can't get enough, think i need time alone but miss him as soon as he's gone passion." when other things are lacking in our relationship, and even when we quarrel - it never takes away from the fact that we feel this urge to stick our head inside the curve of the other's neck and just breathe.

i'm also passionate about art. i'm rarely bored by it, and even when working amidst art begins to feel less exciting than one would hope - i see the type of art i saw yesterday and remember that i am passionate about it. that it is completely possible to encounter a piece that makes me weak at the knees, wanna cry, touch, hug, explode with happiness.

it should be said that sometimes passion is a dirty word. i always have this urge to write it on resumes and cover letters. but i just know that it wouldn't be appreciated. or even understood. sometimes i'm not sure passion counts for anything anymore... what do you think? what are you passionate about?


  1. ah-mazing!! definitely my favourite post of yours! im very passionate about art too. i even cry at some piece of arts- they are just beautiful and mind-blowing.

    ive just gave you an award, thought you'd like to know! have a peek :) xo

  2. I am passionate about helping people see the bright sides or, if they can't see the bright sides, finding some way to remedy the problem. We all have bad days but some folk have far too many out of nothing more than habit!

  3. I am passionate about many things...life in general. If I were to pick one thing, I would say I am passionate about helping people. Not in just a charitable way, but more in a kind way. I consider kindness the strongest theme of my life and something I'm always looking to improve upon. It touches my heart, how much a simple act of kindness can touch another human heart and soul.

  4. Love hearing your thoughts on passion. :) Thanks for sharing them! I'm afraid sometimes that I'm not passionate enough about certain aspects of my life...just my husband :)


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